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What Is Montessori?
It is the name of the founder of this wonderful method. Cremon Montessori is the name of the founder of this method. The first house of children was wholly her initiative. It was the result of years of study and preparation on various subjects. It was there that the children first showed miraculous results. And ever since, Montessori has become a worldwide phenomenon that continues to serve the children of the world on ever expanding levels.   

What underlines a Montessori environment?
Individual activity – each child follows his/her own developmental rhythm…
Freedom – with guided responsibility.
Order – in all its forms – on various planes like physical, intellectual, emotional etc.
Reality – facts and real life themes are essentials in every aspect.
Material – scientific! Child sized! Activity based! Beautifully sequenced as per need.
Activities – based on past achievements. Answering present needs. Preparing for future tasks.
Structure – mixed age groups, self initiated learning, purposeful structured activities.

Montessori is for which age of children?
Montessori is a method of education from birth to adolescence. It is a specialized approach customized according to the needs, powers and potentialities of each age group. The divisions are based on scientifically researched findings concerning human development. The infancy is below one and a half. One and a half to two and a half is the toddler program. The preprimary environment is for children from tow and a half to six years. Six to nine is lower elementary and nine to twelve is higher elementary. The twelve to fifteen year olds are catered to in the ‘erd kinder’. Montessori from beginning to end may not be available currently in a location closed to you. However, at CREMON, we serve children from one and a half to nine years of age. We are working being able to give a full fledged experience of Montessori…

Which curriculum does Montessori follow?
Montessori is a method of education that defines the approach. It makes learning so easy and enjoyable that we are able to cover way more than any traditional curriculum. Also its free of stress, home works, rewards, punishments, grading or any other superficial control techniques.

How do we know whether the child is learning?
Children are natural learners. They are constantly absorbing data through their senses. This only under natural conditions without stress or learning pressure. If  we give them activity based learning material, they participate willingly. We do not need tests to determine their progress. We are observing them at work every day. Please go through the observation explanation in this guide. You will realize that it is a procedure far more superior and reliable as compared to tests and homework.

Parents do not help with homework. So does the Montessori take care3 of everything?
Yes! All your child’s needs are taken care of but children constantly want to learn. Their drive to do something and their need to learn is not limited to the first half of the day. To help you create a sensible learning environment, we have plenty of resources. You may want to find out your options at the SEM office. What you may give the child and why and how is all explained to you in detail. We believe that parents are partners in educating the child. We will do our bit. And yet there is so much that you can do to ensure a solid foundation for your child’s future…

After Montessori which class do the children go to?
If you are lucky enough to have further education available in a Montessori environment, you do not have to put your child in a traditional school. Montessori has proved superior outcomes, over the years, throughout the world. But, in case you do not have access to further Montessori education, we support you in finding a school. We also aid you in the admission procedure. But this assistance is offered only at the end of the tenure.

The most common question is ‘How is Montessori different?’
And the only answer is ‘ Montessori is completely and thankfully different’.